So your Havant Borough Community Lottery page just went live and you want to know what to do next? Well read on.

Start here by watching our getting started video:

Don't have a Havant Borough Community Lottery page? Then apply for one here.

The key to success is to make sure everyone knows about your Havant Borough Community Lottery page. To make things easy we've laid out a step by step guide to marketing your page below. Remember if at first progress is slow don't worry. People will often need to see your message multiple times before they act on it - so just keep shouting about it.

Marketing step by step

Step 1: Go online

The first step to successfully market your Havant Borough Community Lottery page is to maximise the impact of your normal digital communication methods, so:

  • Highlight the lottery on your cause website and link directly to your Havant Borough Community Lottery page
  • Where you have permission, use any existing email lists to let your community know about your Havant Borough Community Lottery page

Tip: Remember to use your bespoke digital PDF in all your online marketing. It’s there to save you time.

Step 2: Print for success

This step involves traditional physical marketing - it can still be very effective. Take the printable PDF supplied, print out and...:

  • Attach to letters to supporters
  • Do a mail drop to the local community
  • Hand out at any upcoming events
  • Place on any suitable notice boards

Remember: Your supporters can come from anywhere in the UK. Think outside the box on where a potential supporter can come from.

Step 3: Take it social

Don't just ask for support, let people know why you need their support. Social media is a great platform for both these things.

  • If you don’t have one create a Twitter account and tweet regular messages
  • It’s easy to set up a Facebook page to shout about the good work your cause is doing and why people should support you

Tip: Don't just shout once, people need several prompts to act.

Step 4: Play the long game

Capitalising on the launch of your Havant Borough Community Lottery page is critical to getting a good supporter base - however it doesn’t stop there. Building your supporter base and keeping it healthy requires regular pushes to gain new supporters:

  • Communicate what you're saving up for and any key milestones you want to hit (or have hit)
  • Reinforcing the prizes keeps it relevant to players and new prospects
  • Recognise opportunities to acquire new supporters

Tip: Plan your marketing drive in advance to hit the key times of year.

You’re ready to start marketing

If you follow these steps you are on your way to a healthy supporter base. The more tickets your supporters buy the more funds you raise.

Good luck!