Your Good Cause in the Spotlight - The Spring

Thu 3 October 2019
Your Good Cause in the Spotlight - The Spring

What once was the Havant Museum and the Havant Arts Centre is now The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre. Now is a perfect time to visit the centre as they reflect on 10 years of The Spring. It is a ‘small place where big things happen’.

What is The Spring? Look inside and you will find a museum, a theatre, a café, a shop, a family area and much more. Sophie Fullerlove, the director looks back over the last 10 years and “hopes you have been able to enjoy a huge range of events and have in turn been inspired, energised and perhaps even surprised by what you have experienced” at The Spring.

The theatre offers many live productions for all ages. Recently they have been running an Event Cinema with high quality performances which are brought to you, live or prerecorded, via satellite: great theatre at reasonable prices. They also have ‘Forget-Me-Not’ cinema which shows

dementiafriendly films in an environment which is designed to make their audience feel warm, safe and relaxed. Alongside this, The Spring runs family workshops which link in with shows being run in the theatre.

They also work closely with partner groups, such as Bench, Dynamo Youth Theatre, Havant Light Opera (HLO), HumDrum and Music Fusion who regularly put on shows in the theatre. The accredited Museum is free and is worth a visit. It celebrates and recognises the history of Havant Borough, the people who have lived there and their stories. It is a place where people can research their family histories or news stories from the local 
area. Volunteers, by appointment, are on hand to help search for information or to help find out about your family. 26 members of the staff run The Spring but they also receive invaluable support from a hundred volunteers. They are always on the lookout for more as they couldn’t run The Spring without them. The volunteers can be found in the café, box office, art drop in sessions, marketing and much more. Maybe you’d like to get involved?! 

The Spring is a space for everyone, it is a social hub that helps combat loneliness in the community as it facilitates opportunities for people to come together. It creates civic pride as famous people, such Kiki Dee, perform in Havant and helps put its name on the map. 

The Spring is so much more than just the building, it also runs several outreach programmes and regularly takes theatre into schools and libraries in the borough. Watch out for Book Club for Super-spies that will be in a library near you soon. 

Why not pop along and find out more on Saturday 5th October, join the fun as The Spring celebrate their tenth birthday with the community. Packed with high quality performances, events and workshops, the day will represent the huge range of activities that they have. Events are free, or priced low, to make it accessible to as many people as all.

How Will Your Support Help? Money gained from the Havant Borough Lottery will enable The Spring to become more selfsufficient, to put on a larger number of free community events and reach more people. The more money they get, the more they can do. To find out more information about The Spring just pop in to have a chat to one of the friendly volunteers, or email [email protected]

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